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Furudate’s doodles from the Haikyuu!! manga (volumes 1 to 10, not in order). These were on the back cover flap and they’re cute as heck (especially the kuroo and bokuto one tbh).

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heroin? more like harurin. stay in pool, kids.

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imagine an episode of night vale where nothing is ominous or strange or conspiracy filled or magic and cecil just reads normal town stuff and the actual traffic and a normal ad from sponsors and the weather is ACTUALLY A WEATHER REPORT and then you hear the door open and two cecils talking and it turns out this entire time it’s just been an owl with the ability to steal people’s voices had hijacked the show and cecil shoos it out the window of the station with a broom

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Hiding your relationship from your friends…

Hiding your relationship from your friends…

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The 50 AUs Meme


So I love writing and reading AUs. They’re delicious and multi-faceted, like that latte from your favorite coffee shop. You know, the one you write into all your coffee shop AUs. 

The goal of this meme is to write 50 AU fics. There’s no time limit, no deadline. It might take you a month; it might take you a year. That’s okay—we all write at different paces. The point of this exercise is to get you to A) do some research, B) flex your creative muscles and C) have fun. Write a drabble, write an epic, write something in between. Write for multiple fandoms. Write for a single fandom. It’s up to you.

There are a couple of ground rules.

  • Each fic MUST include at least three characters from the source material. They obviously need to be as in character as they can be, so if your OTP doesn’t quite fit the AU, maybe use different characters instead! 
  • In order to complete the meme, you have to write a fic for each AU scenario. There might be a couple of free spaces on there for you to do with as you choose (create your own prompt and write for it), but otherwise please only write AUs that are listed. Don’t worry, there’s 50 of them. You’ll find inspiration for at least thirty
  • Tag your fic with #50ausmeme so I can read them!

Now, here are the AUs.

  1. 1920s au
  2. superheroes au
  3. group therapy au
  4. political drama au
  5. free space!
  6. college au
  7. beyonce fans au
  8. retail workers au
  9. (real or imagined) ghosts haunting protagonist au
  10. pirates au
  11. dual-time romance au
  12. tombstone, arizona au
  13. pantheon/mythology au
  14. time loop au
  15. scheherazade au
  16. roadtrip au
  17. sex workers au
  18. adventurers au
  19. artists au
  20. mermaid/selkie au
  21. indie record store au
  22. fairy tale au
  23. scientists au
  24. witches au
  25. revenge fantasy au
  26. high school au
  27. criminal masterminds au
  28. activists au
  29. guardian angels au
  30. falling in love with the literal devil au
  31. celebrities au
  32. free space!
  33. senior citizens au
  34. woodstock au
  35. futuristic au
  36. corporate executives au
  37. supermodels au
  38. country living au
  39. international spies au
  40. chefs au
  41. zombies au
  42. lawyers au
  43. ancient times au
  44. ballet/dancers au
  45. haunted house au
  46. journalists au
  47. domesticity au
  48. dystopian society au
  49. sharing a cab au
  50. free space!
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Fuck, my tea.

— me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)
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draw me like one of your shoujo girls


draw me like one of your shoujo girls

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ONODA SENSEI AU………planning for comic………..

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i dont believe everyone deserves a second chance. if someone breaks you and makes you feel worse than you have ever felt before, then they are not worth given a second chance to.

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